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Suspension & Steering Section

Track Rods, Tie Rods, Tie Rod Ends, Drag Links, Steering Boxes, Steering Racks, Columns, Couplings, Dampers and various other steering components

Tie Rod Ends / Track Rod Ends
We stock a very comprehensive range of Tie Rod Ends, to suit all VW Aircooled models. Essential for accurate steering, and to get your VW through it's MOT.
Tie Rods / Track Rods
They go by many names, Tie Rods / Track Rods / Steering Arms, we stock the lot for Bug, Beetle, Karmann Ghia, 1302, 1303 and also Bus / Camper.
Steering Coupling
We recommend checking the condition of your coupling as part of your regular servicing. We stock standard replacement, OEM items, and Urethane.
Steering Dampers
Often overlooked, Steering Dampers play an important role, they reduce vibrations through your steering wheel. We stock the full range, plus Bushes.
Steering Column, Clamps and Flanges
A selection of fittings for your Steering Column, and for your Steering Coupling connection .. including Steering Damper Flanges, Clamps etc
Steering Drag Links
Drag links connect your steering box to the idler arm. If the ends are worn, sloppy steering is guaranteed. These brand new ones will take out the slack.
Steering Box, Bug / Beetle / Karmann Ghia
A brand new Steering Box will take out that free play on your steering wheel, and make a huge different to your driving pleasure. Plus associated fittings.
Swivel Pins / Idler Pin Kits
Swivel Pin Kits as fitted to the centre of your Bus / Camper axle beam. Our Comprehensive kits are complete with all of the required bushes and seals.
Steering Boxes, Bus / Camper
Replacement New Steering Boxes for Busses & Campers
Steering Shaft, 1302 and 1303
Replacement Steering Shafts, complete with Universal Joints (or UJ's), for 1302 and 1303 models, to help get your steering back to an 'as new' feel.
Steering Column Bearings
If your Steering Column top bearing has seen better days, the MOT man won't be a happy bunny. These items should get you through your MOT though.
Steering Racks,
Steering racks and components

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