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Oil System Section

Our range of Standard, Performance, Telescopic and Adjustable Pushrod Tubes and replacement seals.

Standard Pushrod Tubes
Standard Pushrod Tubes, to suit all engine sizes and styles. These items are not supplied with seals, these will need to be purchased separetely.
Adjustable Pushrod Tubes
Whether it's a standard engine, or a performance racer .. These pushrod tubes allow for precise installation. Supplied as a set of 8
Performance Pushrod Tubes
These top of the range pushrod tubes give a superior seal for performance engines, as well as additional internal clearence for high ratio rockers.
Windage Pushrod Tubes
Windage pushrod tubes reduce oil slosh during hard cornering, ideal for circuit racers or hard-street use.
Pushrod Tube Seals
Replacement seals for your pushrod Tubes, to help you stop that oil loss that many aircooled engines suffer from. You will need 16 for a full set.
Repair Pushrod Tubes
A cheap and cheerful Nylon pushrod tube, that can be fitted without removing the cylinder heads. Ideal to replace damaged items, should be viewed as a short term solution.

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