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Engine Section
Air-cooled VW Parts Engine

Crankshaft, Flywheel, Main Bearings

Crankshafts, Flywheels, Main Bearings, and a range of associated components including Gland Nuts and flywheel Oil Seals

Crankshaft, Standard
Standard replacement Crankshaft, suitable for all T1 engines, 1300cc and up.
Crankshaft, Counterweighted
Counterweighted Forged Crankshafts, for performance applications.
Main Bearings, for T1 engines
Available in a range of sizes, taking into account whether the case has been line bored, and whether your crankshaft has had a regrind.
Distributor Drive
Replacement Distributor Drive, Gear and associated parts.
Standard and Lightened Flywheels which give significant improvement in engine acceleration compared to standard.
Flywheel / Crankshaft Oil Seals
Standard and High quality Crankshaft / Flywheel Oil Seals. We recommend fitting the seal with the correct tool, to ensure it seats correctly.
Flywheel O-Ring
Often overlooked during a rebuild, It's worth checking the condition of your original. The flywheel O Ring is on the inside lip of the flywheel.
Gland Nut, Bearing & Woodruff
Various small components for the Flywheel, including Gland Nuts, Gland Nut Bearings and Washers, and Woodruff Keys
Crankshaft End Float Shims
Crankshaft Shims, available in a range of sizes to help you adjust any end float on your crankshaft.
Type4 Engines
Replacement Crankshaft Components for the Type4 Engine

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