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Engine Section
Air-cooled VW Parts Engine

Tinware, Pulleys & Dress-up

A wide choice of Engine Tinware, Fanshrouds, Head Shrouds etc, plus Pulley Wheels, Dress up components, Coil Mounts, Block Off Plates etc.

All of our best Tinware deals in one place; the perfect way to refresh the look of your engine whether for a Beetle or Bus.
Very popular 36hp style Fanshrouds, to suit Single and Twin Port. Available with or without fresh air hose outlets. Plus associated items.
Crankshaft Pulley Wheels
Our range of Crankshaft pulley wheels, including Standard, Cast Aluminium, Billet Aluminium and Race Weight Steel, plus Pulley Nuts and Pulley Covers.
Front and Rear Engine Tin / Trays
Engine Tin / Trays, Rear items for over the exhaust, and the Front items for over the bellhousing, plus the Breastplate under the pulley wheel.
Generator Pulleys
Standard, Chrome and Heavy Duty pulley wheels, Nuts and Pulley Shims, which are used for all types of Generator, whether Dynamo or Alternator.
Cylinder Head Shrouds
Cylinder Head Shrouds for Single and Twin Port engines, plus Cool Tins & Air Deflector Baffle plates which aid cylinder head cooling.
Dress-Up Kit
The ever popular engine dress up kits, which contain a range of chrome plated tinware items, plus coloured distributor cap and ignition leads.
Heater Tin / Lower Tin, 3 Piece
These 3 piece Heater Tin sets, sometimes called Lower Tin, sit underneath the pushrod tubes and attaches to the heat exchanger on 1300-1600cc models. Essential for cylinder head cooling.
Tinware Screws
Standard, Chrome and Stainless Steel tinware screws. Often chewed up after years of use, a new set will make engine assembly much more pleasurable.
Doghouse Tin / Oil Cooler Tin
Doghouse Tin is used on the rear of all Twin Port fanshrouds. These two piece sets contain the cover and the duct which expels hot air from the oil cooler through the bellhousing tin.
Coil Covers & Mounts
Stainless Steel chrome covers, and also Aluminium Mounts to reposition your coil .. which both looks great and aids clearance for twin carburettor linkages.
Fuel Block Off Plates
A range of fuel pump block off plates, including Billet Aluminium dress up items, and dual functional items with have an oil port take off / facet pump mount.

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