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Fuel System Section

We stock a very comprenshive range of Fuel System components, covering all the standard parts you are likely to need .. all the way up to full-on performance Twin Carburettor kits and Original Rebuilt Solex Carburettors

Fuel System Bundle Deals
Bundle offers relating to the fuel system on your vehicle including electric fuel pump conversions, and replacement fuel line kits.
Rebuilt Genuine Solex Carburettors
Rebuilt Genuine Solex Carburettors, We have now sourced genuine rebuilt and reconditioned Solex carburettors to suit all 1200-1600 models
Fuel Pumps, Hoses & Filters
Mechanical and Electric Fuel Pumps, Filters, Pedestals, Pushrods, Hoses, Connectors, Pressure Regulators and a selection of fuel fittings.
Reproduction Standard Carburettors
Standard Carburettors,To suit Single Port 1200-1600cc models and Twin Port 1300-1600cc models.
Carburettor Components
Spacers, Choke Units, Solenoids & Cut-Off Valves and Return Springs for Standard Carburettors, plus Choke Block off plates for Weber IDF carburettors.
Twin Carburettor Kits
Wide range of twin carburettor kits, including Weber ICT, Empi EPC, Solex Kadron 40s, Empi HMPX and Weber IDFs
Single Carburettor Kits
Very popular Weber 32/36 Single Carburettor Kits, containing Carburettor, Manifold, Air Filters and associated Fittings. Great performance, and fuel economy.
Standard Inlet Manifolds, Boots & Fittings
Standard Inlet Manifolds for both Single and Twin Port Engines, plus Twin Port End Castings, Manifold Boots, Clips and a range of associated Gaskets.
Performance Inlet Manifolds
Performance Inlet Manifolds for Weber Progressive, IDF, DRLA, HPMX and DCNFs, Plus Manifold Nuts, Insulation Flanges, Block Off-Plates and Gaskets.
Fuel Tanks, Caps and Senders
Everything related to the Fuel Tank, including Standard and Custom Tanks, Outlet Elbows, Fuel Senders, Filler Necks, Fuel Caps and associated fittings.
Rebuild Kits and Gaskets
Rebuild Kits, to suit both Standard and Performance Carburettors, plus a range of individual Gaskets
Standard Air Filters
Air Filters for use with Standard Carburettors, includes standard Paper Filters, and a selection of compatible aftermarket items including Pancake Filters.
Performance Air Filters
Performance Air Filters to suit Weber 32/36 Progressive, IDFs, ICTs, Kadron Solex 40s, Empi HPMX, Dellorto DRLAs etc.
Carburettor Linkages, Bellcrank Style
CSP Bellcrank linkages, to suit Weber ICT, IDFs, IDAs and Kadron Carburettors. The IDF versions can also be used with Dellorto DRLAs and Empi HMPXs.
Carburettor Linkages Crossbar Style
Carburettor Linkages Crossbar Style from CSP Germany
Throttle Kits, for Bus
Fantastic complete replacement throttle Kits, for Split Bus and Bay Bus, manufactured by Buttys Bits
Accelerator Cables
A full range of replacement Accelerator Cables, to suit all models and years.
Accelerator Cables, Fittings
Accelerator Cable Sleeves, Seals and Shortening Kits

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