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Engine Section
Air-cooled VW Parts Engine

Valves, Rockers & Pushrods

Valvetrain componenets including Valves, Bolt-up Rocker Shafts, Rocker Arms, Pushrods, Adjusting Screws and Nuts.

Bolt-up Rocker Shafts
Bolt-up rocker shafts are ideal for performance applications where high revs and high valve lift would cause premature failure on standard items.
Adjusting Screws and Nuts
Replacement Valve adjusting screws, standard items in 8mm thread, plus 9mm and 10mm used in some late applications. Plus standard adjusting nuts.
Rocker Shaft Components
Standard replacement components for your Rocker Shafts, including Spring clips, Thrust Washers and Spring Washers.
Adjusting Screw, Swivel Foot
Swivel Ball and Flat foot style valve adjusting screws, used to eliminate wear when using aftermarket camshafts. Supplied with pedestal shims.
Rocker Pedestal Shims
Often required when using with Swivel or Ball foot valve adjusters, these shims sit underneath the rocker shaft pedestals, to adjust the height and preload.
Standard, Aluminium, Steel and Chromoly heavy duty pushrods, including cut to length items for perfromance applications.
Inlet and Exhaust valves and a range of associated components.

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