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Oil System Section

Standard and performance Oil Coolers, Mounting adaptors, External Oil Cooler Kits, Block-offs, Bypass adaptors and Bypass Thermostats.

Oil Coolers, Standard
Standard replacement Oil Coolers, for use with Single Port and Twin Port Engines, as well as Type-4 larger capacity items.
Oil Coolers Mounting Adaptor
Type-1 Twin Port engines use these adaptors on the Oil Cooler, to position the Cooler into the doghouse. Can be used if converting a single port engine.
Competition Oil Cooler Kits
These very popular Oil Cooler kits contain an Oil Cooler, Oil Filter Head, Hose and fittings. Also contains a bypass adaptor, for use on Buggies, Trikes etc.
Oil Cooler Seals
Replacement oil cooler seals, as used with Standard oil coolers.
External Oil Coolers
A range of external Oil Coolers, as used in our Competition Kits. Made from high grade aluminium and plated for durability. Available in 24, 48 or 72 plate.
Oil Cooler Bypass Thermostat
An essential piece if kit, for vehicles fitted with an external Oil Cooler in your full flow set-up. Allows the Oil to get up to temperature, before the 2nd cooler kicks in.
Oil Cooler Bypass, for T4 engines
The Oil Cooler bypass plates from CSP, are manufactured from high grade aluminium, for use with either M18x15.5 or 3/8inch NPT fittings.
Oil Cooler Block-Off
A range of Oil Cooler block off plates, for totally removing the original Oil Cooler. Only intended for use on Buggies, Trikes, or full on Race Engines.

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